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13 Benefits of Moringa Powder

April 18, 2016 • Jon Hagen

Moringa Powder is Rich in Nutrients

Boost your energy levels today with Moringa Oleifera Powder, possibly the most nutrient-dense plant yet discovered on earth. Moringa is known around the world as a rich source of vegetable protein (30%). It contains 18 amino acids including all 9 essential amino acids, 46 active antioxidants, and 36 anti-inflammatories. In addition it contains 16x the calcium of milk, 15x the potassium of bananas, 10x the vitamin A of carrots, 9x the protein in yogurt, 4x the chlorophyll of wheat grass and 1/2 the vitamin C found in oranges, as well as anti-aging compounds like zeatin, quercetin, beta-sitosterol, caffeoylquinic acid, kaempferol, silymarin and essential minerals such as zinc and iron. Moringa Oleifera is nature’s whole-food complex, and this makes it easy for your body to recognize, absorb and assimilate.

Moringa Powder is Rich in Antioxidants

Antioxidants are compounds which actively quench free-radicals and this helps to prevent cellular damage, the common pathway for cancer, aging and a variety of diseases. Moringa Oleifera Powder topped all other antioxidant superfoods, beating  comparables such as tumeric, acai, coco powder, pomegranates, and blueberries. Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, (or ORAC value score), is a measurement of antioxidants in foods and supplements.

Moringa Powder is Rich in Flavonoids

Moringa Leaf Powder is also rich in flavonoids, such as catechin, polyphenols, and especially epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). It has been researched that these extremely powerful antioxidants may have therapeutic applications in the treatment of many medical disorders and overall well-being.

Additional Moringa Health Benefits

  • Boosts energy levels and increases vitality
  • Increased focus, mental clarity and stamina
  • Packed with an abundance of all-natural anti-aging nutrients and minerals
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Improves mobility and flexibility
  • Helps to maintain healthier blood sugar levels and healthier blood pressure
  • Aids with joint pain
  • Recover faster from physical workouts
  • Overall well-being
  • Our Moringa Powder is naturally caffeine-free

How Can I Take Moringa Powder?

Add 1-2 teaspoons of Moringa Powder to a liquid smoothie or shake, and then blend thoroughly. You may also sprinkle Moringa Powder on top of many breakfast dishes like yogurt, cereal, or oatmeal. Also, it may be added to salads prior to serving, or simply stirred into soups and sauces. 100% natural ingredients. 100% vegan. Moringa Powder is pure wholesome food.

How Often Should I Take Moringa Powder?

We recommend taking 1-2 teaspoons, twice daily for a noticeable increase in energy within 3 to 4 weeks. Some customers even prefer servings of up to a tablespoon.


7 Health Benefits of Moringa Tea

April 18, 2016 • Jon Hagen • moringa • moringa benefits • moringa tea


Ayurvedic medicine has known about Moringa Oleifera for centuries. In ancient India, drinking a tea prepared with moringa leaves on a regular basis was revered for the many benefits it adds to one´s health. The plant's immune system strengthening, along with its antifungal, antibacterial, antioxidant, antispasmodic, anti-ulcer, and anti-inflammatory properties made it a widely accepted home elixir and a natural remedy for  many ailments.

Moringa Helps Build Collagen 

The tea is known for building collagen fibers within the skin, thus helping in reducing wrinkles and other age-related signs. It is known for its ability for healing wounds, maintaining skin tissue and replacing the damaged ones. These benefits come from the richness of the leaves in vitamin C, a potent anti-oxidant. The tea is an effective home remedy for improving vision and sharpening the brain, as well. Because the moringa leaf tea is loaded with antioxidants, such benefits are an obvious result.

Moringa Boosts the Immune Systme 

People who enjoy sipping the tea regularly, are known to experience improved metabolic rate, and improved functioning of the liver and the kidneys. People who get tired easily may greatly benefit by drinking this tea, as it helps in promoting energy. Improved digestion is another benefit of drinking this tea. Also, ailments such as nausea, diarrhea and cold can be easily dealt with, with the help of this herbal tea. The active compounds in the moringa leaf that are imparted to the tea, help in improving the circulatory system of the body.

Moringa Soothes Infammation 

The leaf's anti-inflammatory propertys help people with arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. And one of the major benefits of the tea is associated with improved regulation of glucose in the body thus, it comes as a great symptom-manager for people suffering from diabetes. According to experts, the leaves of this tree have, more calcium and protein than in milk, more vitamin A than in carrots, more potassium than in bananas and more vitamin C than in oranges. Given all these benefits, no wonder the moringa leaf tea, and other products of the tree have received so many accolades from people across the world. So drink the moringa tea daily and give up going to a drug store for your common day-to-day medical ailments. 

Moringa Increases Your Energy 

 One of the most important effects of the Moringa tea is that it increases your energy in a lasting way unlike energy drinks, coffee drinks, or sugar. We experience a lack of energy when we don’t receive the sufficient nutrients our body needs, or if we have many toxins in our body, mostly because of what we eat, or if we have a slow metabolism. The Moringa tea acts as a gentle detoxing agent, flushing the toxins out of the body and leaving our body feeling refreshed. When the liver receives help detoxing the body, its metabolizing powers are enhanced and as a result, we end up burning more fat.

Moringa is a Natural Anti-Oxidant


6 Reasons to Add Moringa to your Diet

Published by the Phuket Gazette 

This nutrient-dense plant is one of the most powerful natural multi-vitamins around.

As we continue our superfood series, I should tell you about moringa – the tree of life.

This is not a title to be taken lightly. This nutrient-dense plant is one of the most powerful natural multi-vitamins around. It’s a true superfood with a nutritional breakdown that includes: 92 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatories, 18 amino acids, 9 essential amino acids and 13 essential vitamins and minerals.

Here are six reasons why you should add moringa to your daily diet:


Moringa is an excellent source of vitamin B6, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, riboflavin (B2) and a source of thiamine (B1) and niacin (B3), all essential vitamins and minerals that contribute to normal, energy-yielding metabolism.


Damage from free radicals accelerates aging. One weapon to neutralize them is through the consumption of anti-oxidants.

Moringa has an exceptional antioxidant profile, with six times the antioxidant content of goji berries and more antioxidants than green tea, blueberries, acai and pomegranates.

The antioxidants, vitamin E, riboflavin and zinc in moringa contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, which also helps in the battle against aging.


Vitamin C and zinc help support the normal functions of the immune system. Moringa is an excellent source of both.


Moringa is especially high in vitamin A [325% recommended dietary allowances (RDA) per 100g] and iron (468% RDA per 100g), which support the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

The high-iron content also makes moringa ideal for vegans, vegetarians and those with iron-deficiencies Vitamin A is needed for normal production of red blood cells and iron contributes to normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin, the substance in red blood cells that transports oxygen through the body.

Moringa is also an excellent source of Vitamin B6, magnesium and potassium and a source of niathin (B3) and thiamin (B1) – essential nutrients that contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system.


Detoxification is a natural process that allows the body to eliminate environmental and dietary toxins.

The liver plays a key role in the process and needs nutritional support in the form of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Moringa is an excellent source of 13 essential vitamins and minerals which help to repair damage, as well as nine essential amino acids.


Moringa is rich in antioxidants and skin-loving vitamins A, E, riboflavin (B2) and niacin (B3), as well as zinc, which all promote healthy, radiant skin. It also contains almost 25 per cent protein, which helps support the growth, repair and maintenance of healthy skin cells.


The leaves are a great addition to a salad. In regards to adding the leaves to cooked dishes, take caution, as excessive heat destroys some of the vitamins, and all of the enzymes. The powder form has a spinach-like taste, so it is ideal for mixing into green smoothies or juices. 

We are blessed here in tropical Phuket, as it is an ideal place to find moringa. I know many people who have it growing in their backyards. You will also be able to find it as a loose powder, tea, oil, and even in capsules. Some local markets may even have the fresh leaves available.

Craig Burton is a nutritional expert with more than 15 years of experience at the forefront of the health and well-being field. He offers a high-level of his expertise in functional training and nutrition, focusing on detoxification, food intolerance and nutrient deficiency. 


Moringa Oil Skin Benefits

Written By Gerrie Summers

As predicted in 7 Exotic Ingredients That You'll Be Seeing More Of, moringa oil is being praised as the new wonder oil. It's hardly new. It has been used for health and beauty for centuries.

The moringa tree is also called the "Miracle Tree" and "Tree of Life" because of its many benefits and uses. It is a food source. that is edible and nutritious. And it´s therapeutic with its many skin and hair care properties. In fact moringa is being used to combat malnutrition in poor countries.Nowadays, it´s appearing in scientific journals because of its nutritional and medicinal properties.


Moringa oil comes from the seeds of the moringa oleifera tree, the most common species of the genus moringa in the flowering plant family moringaceae. The tree is native to India and countries in the Himalayan region. In India it is used in ayurvedic medicine, as well as in cuisine. The tree is now cultivated in several countries, including Thailand, Philippines and Africa. It's called the drumstick tree (UK) because of the shape of its seed pods, horseradish tree (US) from the taste of its roots, benzolive tree (Haiti) and nebeday (Senegal). It is a fast growing tree that thrives even in harsh environments and poor soil, and is drought resistant. In Nigeria it is called idagbo monoye ("tree which grows crazily").

In addition to being used for food and traditional medicine, various parts of the tree have numerous uses including being a source for fuel and lubricant for machinery.

The seeds of the moringa tree are pressed to produce light-yellow non-drying oil. The oil is known as "ben oil" or "behen oil" because it has a high concentration of behenic acid, a fatty acid. Due to antioxidants that act as natural preservatives, it is a stable oil, resistant to aging, giving it a reported shelf life of five years. It is a nutrient dense, high in palmitoleic, oleic and linoleic acids, moisturizing fatty acids and vitamins A and C.


In ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt it was used in making perfume and to protect the skin. The oil is still used for effleurage to extract flower fragrance and is used for hair oils because it absorbs and retains scents.

In Egypt it was used to make medicinal ointments and salves and to protect the skin from the desert environment. A daily skin treatment for wrinkles and sun damage combined gum of frankincense and ground Cyprus grass mixed with fermented plant juice. A venerated oil, vases of moringa oil were found inside ancient tombs.


Moringa oil is found in numerous cosmetics due to moisturizing, cleansing and emollient properties. It’s used in shampoos and conditioners and other hair care products, lotions, body oils, lip balms, anti-aging and wrinkle creams, face creams, soaps and body wash, perfume and deodorants. It’s used for aromatherapy and massage oils because it blends well with essential oils and is a good carrier oil.

Moringa oil absorbs easily into the skin, improving the appearance and radiance of skin. It has skin healthy nutrients like vitamin A, which helps build collagen in the skin, vitamin C to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and the healing and anti-inflammatory benefits of vitamin E.


It softens dry skin and maintains moisture in the skin. It is good for conditioning dry, chapped lips. It’s beneficial to treat rough, dry skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. More help for dry skin.






It rejuvenates dull, tired and aging skin. Antioxidants and nutrients help fight free radical damage that can cause skin tissue damage and lead to the formation of wrinkles.
Moringa oil helps improve the appearance of wrinkles and prevents sagging of facial muscles. Plant hormones called cytokinins, help promote cell growth and delay damage and destruction of skin tissues. Vitamin C stabilizes collagen and helps reduce fine lines and repair damaged skin cells.


Moringa oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and has been used to treat and heal minor skin abrasions; minor cuts and scrapes, bruises, burns, insect bites, rashes, and sunburn and skin infections.


Moringa oil helps clear blackheads and pimples. When used regularly helps prevent the reoccurrence of blemishes. Helps promote natural skin tone and minimize dark spots from acne and hyperpigmentation.

Editor´s note: Moringa Energy Life provides you with 100% pure, organic, cold-pressed Moringa Oil made from small-scale farmers in India, to offer you the highest quality oil for your natural health and wellness. Discover it here today, in our new 8oz glass bottle.



Why Big Pharma Doesn´t Want You to Know About Moringa

May 27, 2016 • Jon Hagen

It can be said without a doubt that Moringa Oleifera is the true Miracle Tree. It´s organic, natural, and the best endurance and energy supplement of today for good reason. According to the ayurveda, India’s oldest tradition of medicines, the leaves of the Moringa Tree treat at least 300 diseases. So why aren´t doctors prescribing it?

New Superfood for All Ages

Moringa leaf has no negative side effects and is absolutely safe. Because of its nutritive properties, it is being given to malnourished babies and breastfeeding mothers in Africa to revitalize their health. Athletes are boosting their performance abilities by taking huge quantities of the leaf to keep them fit both mentally and physically. It´s their secret weapon. Even for senior citizens who are losing their mental sharpness, the Moringa tree leaf could be a great help. In fact the powder is suitable for people from any age group.

Why Big Pharma is Keeping Silent

Moringa Oleifera is comparatively unheard of in spite of the fact that it has been used for more than 2,000 years. While the World Health Organization has been studying and using the tree for more than forty years now as a cheap health supplement in poverty-stricken countries the world over, the average American still hasn´t heard about it. The reason behind this is clear. The selling of all kinds of health supplements, minerals and vitamins is a lucrative business. No big company would ever take the risk of introducing a name that could potentially harm and lower the sale of all other nutritional items. The same holds water for the pharmaceutical companies too. These huge companies would prefer to keep the general public in the dark about the benefits of the Moringa leaf to make exhortant profits off their synthetic treatments.


The Evidence Speaks for Itself

  • Moringa increases the Natural Defenses of the body.
  • Provides nourishment to the eyes and the brain.
  • Promotes metabolism with bio-available ingredients.
  • Promotes the Cell structure of the body.
  • Promotes natural Serum cholesterol.
  • Lowers the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Promotes the normal functioning of the liver and the kidney.
  • Beautifies the skin.
  • Promotes energy.
  • Promotes proper digestion.
  • Acts as an antioxidant.
  • Takes care of the immune system of the body.
  • Promotes healthy circulatory system.
  • It is an anti-inflammatory.
  • Gives a feeling of general wellness.
  • Supports the normal sugar levels of the body.

The Real Results

Moringa leaf boosts your energy in a natural way and is a remarkable source of nutrition. Since the boost is all natural, it keeps you feeling great much longer, too. Individuals using it regularly say that their ulcers are healed, tumors stopped, arthritis pains and inflammation relieved, blood pressure controlled, skin problems healed, and finally that they hardly ever get sick.

If you want sustained energy without the crash, balanced hormones and healthy blood pressure, while getting a great nights sleep, try Moringa today.


By Dr Betty Adderley

MORINGA is now becoming a hot topic in natural health discussions as well as in households in the Bahamas.

Although moringa has been around from 2000 BC in northern India, where the plant originated, and was used as a medicinal herb. The plant spread from India to China, Asia, the Philippines and finally to the West Indies and the Americas. It is recorded that as early as 1817 moringa oil was used for culinary purposes.

The moringa tree is often referred to as the “tree of life” or the “magic plant”.
Traditional cultures in most parts of the world have long used moringa in their herbal medicine for ailments ranging from common colds to inflammation and pain, having identified it as the vegetable with the highest nutritional value among many types of food species studied. Every part of the plant is used in diet or for medicinal preparations, including the root, bark, leaves, pods, flowers and seeds.

Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

We all know fruits and vegetables have an array of vitamins and minerals. Well, check out the statistics on this magical plant.

Scientific research has it documented that moringa is a vitamin powerhouse. It contains seven times the vitamin C in oranges, four times the calcium in milk, four times the vitamin A in carrots, three times the potassium in bananas, and two times the protein in yogurt. Moringa is richer in nutrients than spinach, and has the highest level of chlorophyll than any other dark green leafy vegetable.

Provides Relief & Increases Sex Drive

Moringa has over 300 benefits and is used for any and all ailments such as arthritis, cancer, constipation, diabetes, ulcers, kidneys, thyroid problems, bacterial and fungal diseases and even HIV related conditions.

It is also used to reduce swelling, increase sex drive and energy and boost the immune system. The leaves of the moringa plant are used for tea, smoothies and in salads.

Powder is derived from dried leaves and is used in many forms. Some manufactured products such as oils, shampoos, capsules and tea bags are also available on the market.

Protects the Body from Cancer

With all the nutritional content in the moringa plant, it is said to protect cells of the body from damage and free radicals.

Cancer is the result of free radicals taking control of your tissue and blood stream damaging cells and causing cancer. The antioxidants in moringa leaves destroy and squash free radicals that attack the cells and cause all types of this deadly disease.
On his popular health show, Dr Oz highly recommended moringa referring to it as an “energy blaster”. He added that it is a good way to jump-start your day. I dare say it is also a great way to end your day, especially if you want to sleep well.

Personally, I have added moringa to my other favorites – fever grass, sweet Margaret, strong bark for tea, and to aloe vera, noni and cascarilla bark for my healthy upkeep.

Let Your Food Be Your Medicine

I am a firm believer in natural is better. After all, “Prevention is better than to cure”.

  • Dr Betty Adderley is a veteran educator, certified nutritionist, trained counsellor and motivational speaker.

Moringa tea is also an antioxidant, which helps our immune system. An antioxidant is a molecule that keeps other molecules from oxidizing. When one molecule oxidizes, it can very quickly become a chain reaction, causing other molecules to oxidize which creates stress for our body. The stress requires our immune system’s attention, which will reduce its efficiency and makes our bodies more susceptible to illnesses. Antioxidants help stop this chain reaction, reducing stress for our body and increase our immune system’s efficiency in fighting other bacteria or viruses that could cause a disease.

Moringa is a Natural Superfood

Moringa tea is a super-food containing many nutrients and has detoxing abilities. The nutrients available in the tea are vitamin A which is required for our eyesight, skin, heart, and our digestion system. The vitamin C in the tea helps fight viruses that cause the common cold and the flu as well as helping our cardiovascular system. The vitamin D in the tea helps us absorb calcium which is necessary for our bone structure and teeth and the tea also contains calcium making this a complete package.

Moringa is a Green Source of Protein

The tea is also rich in protein, and consuming plant protein is better for our bodies as it helps our muscles and supplements our different needs for the several amino acids, its digestion and absorption does not produce any toxins in our body. All this adds up to a healthy body, and generally when the body is healthy, there is more endorphins produced causing a feeling of wellbeing and happiness.

Moringa Oleifera and more specifically Moringa tea, has numerous beneficial effects on our health without any known side effects. The tea’s benefits are only noticeable when used continuously and quite frankly, there isn’t any reason why one shouldn’t continue the use of this wondrous product once they start. If used regularly, it can benefit the eyes, the immune system, the liver, and increases one’s energy and happiness.