Educate yourself About Moringa

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  • Sara Jax

    Got your order and we are thrilled with the quality and the price! We are very hesitant to buy from anyone that is not local, we are concerned there may be fillers or much lower quality ingredients. We support our local small businesses!

  • David Bailey

    Moringa has changed my life. Using Moringa with diet and exercise for well over a year has given me a better way of life. I feel at 45 years of age I’m on track for another 45 years plus.

  • Deborah Davenport

    Catherine Pangburn,
    Getting quality Moringa has been a real struggle! Since we cant produce enough Moringa to meet our demand, We had to find a quailty Source in India! We HAVE a AMAZING farmer with 15 years experience and a 15 acre farm! We get out moringa within 3 weeks of Harvest! It smells , tastes, and looks like it came from my own Garden!! We bring that freshness to you!! Our repeat customers are always treated with special discounts and Free shipping by entering the word" Loyalty" at checkout! TRY IT I promise you will BE Amazed with OUR powder and Personal Customer service!

  • Catherine Pangburn

    These prices seem high compared to quality companies I’ve researched. What makes your product any better?
    Thank you.

  • Denise m Pfarr

    Hi there. Aunt Neci here back for more Blueberry tea and I have a question. Does it have vitamin K in it? and how much if so.. thanks so much. I got myself off of sodas with this product! <3
    I have a friend asking about the vitamin K and I am not sure. maybe I will get you another sale??

  • Deborah Davenport

    Thanks Dottie! I’m Trying LOL

  • Dotti Jorge
    Hi Debbie! Just wanted to leave a little note in the blog letting you know that I came in here and looked around… things are looking good! DJ

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